Mark Fox is a DJ

Drum & Bass Proper : Side One


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Progressive and deep Drum & Bass sounds. This side is more uplifiting and banging. Also check out Side Two.

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  1. Zero B - Lock Up (Counterforce Remix by DJ Crystl)
  2. John B - Blue Eyeshadow
  3. Adam F & Carl Thomas & Guru - Karma (John B Remix)
  4. Accidental Heroes - Precinct 13
  5. AK1200 - Deja Nu (Mathematics Episode)
  6. Teebee - Silent Depths
  7. Lamb - Little Things (Klute Remix)
  8. Teebee - Revelations
  9. E-Sassin - Interface
  10. DJ Kontrol - Forcefield
  11. A-sides & Fats - Crazy VIP

The story

Ripped from tape. I'm pretty sure this was recorded in my senior studio at MCAD, but I may have done it in my apartment, either way it was mixed complete in headphones.