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After finishing the Wu-Tang Trilogy I learned some things about tempo change, and decided to push farther by starting at 130 BPM (a very common dance territory) and going up to 174 (the tempo range where drum and bass dominates). The genius thing about the mp3 blogosphere is that new ideas get tested out much faster and an explosion of amazing crossovers have occured. Namely L.A. Riots remix of 'Rocksteady' by Atlantic Connection. This song provides the pivot point between the first half of jacking beats, lush melodies, and funky electro, fidget, house, into the second half of bass pressure via some equally timely drum & bass tunes.

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  1. Daft Punk f. Romanthony - Too Long
  2. Ray Roc & DJ Sted-e - The Dream
  3. Feist - My Moon My Man (Boys Noize Remix)
  4. Colder - To the Music (Instrumental)
  5. Miss Kittin - Rippin Kittin (Ellen Allien Remix)
  6. Drop the Lime - Died Tonight
  7. Sammy Bananas - Summer Bounce
  8. Fancy - What's Your Name Again? (Busy P Remix)
  9. Proxy - Destroy
  10. Bird Peterson - Fat Booty
  11. Sharon Phillips - Want 2 | Need 2 (Switch Main Mix)
  12. Chew Fu - Outta Control Remix (50cent & Sean Paul)
  13. L.A. Riots & Atlantic Connection - Angelrock (Madonna)
  14. Atlantic Connection - Rocksteady (L.A. Riots Shake It All Night Remix)
  15. Sub Focus - Down the Drain
  16. Jenna G - Woe
  17. Pendulum - Another Planet VIP
  18. T.C. - Robots
  19. EZ Rollers - Go Go Electro
  20. Telemetrik - Space Coke
  21. Noisia & Mayhem f. MC Verse - Choke
  22. Commix - Talk to Frank
  23. Noisia & Mayhem - Moonway Renegade

The story

I first heard the Shake it All night remix on Third School of Thought radio show on Bassdrive and was instantly attracted how it starts at a solid 130 BPM, then halfway through kicks UP to 174, then breaks back down and finishes at 130. I have a few different records with tempo shifts, it's been kind of reoccurring thing in D&B since I heard it on 'New Dawn', but I've never heard any tempo shift UP to D&B speeds. Oddly when I bought the official MP3 release of the song the entire thing was at 174, kind of a disappointment because I would love to see more releases play with tempo changes, it could really encourage more crossover for open-minded DJs like myself. Big-ups to IHEARTCOMIX for hooking up the tune.