Mark Fox is a DJ

Lemme See Your Wu-Tang


The dance mixtape to protect-ya-neck to in Oh Ate. My rowdiest most club friendly mix to date, especially designed to make you unhinged, stand up on things, and love thy neighbor (at your own discretion). Proof that I do in fact enjoy mainstream sounds provided they're rubbed the right way. To many genres to generalize, but you can expect to hear Bmore, Electro, House, Dubstep, Hip Hop, all criss-crossed and mashed up. Part One is a concentrated blast of energy. Part Two sustains, elaborates and hits a little deeper. Part Three ups the the tempo and concentrates the grit factor. If you're not looking for a three course meal you may just try Part One as an appetizer.

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  1. - - - PART ONE - - -
  2. Three 6 Mafia - Stay Fly (Mad Decent Remix)
  3. Epic Man & Plan B - More Is Enough (Sinden Remix)
  4. Armand Van Helden - I Want Your Soul (Crookers Remix)
  5. Math Head - Magnum (Meagaforce Edit)
  6. Missy Elliott - On And On Remix by Tittsworth
  7. Madonna - Hanged Up Remix by Mad Decent
  8. Controller 7 - Get Ready For The Young Folks
  9. Peter, Bjorn & John f. Victoria - Young Folks (Cousin Cole Edit)
  10. Bird Peterson - Wu-Tang Clan Ain't Nuthin' to Fuck Wit
  11. DJ Edgar - Pura Satisfação
  12. DJ Edgar - Coração Do Funk
  13. - - - PART TWO - - -
  14. Pigforce - Doin' Jobz 4 tha Mob (Bassbin Twins Battle Beats Mix)
  15. DJ Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Claude VonStroke Remix)
  16. Cajmere - Percolator (Keep Movin' Mix)
  17. DJ Blaqstarr - Shake It To The Ground (Acapella)
  18. Terminator X - If You Need A Fix
  19. 6Blocc - Creal
  20. Pharrell - Frontin' f. Jay Z (Starkey Remix)
  21. CSS - Alala (Bonde Do Rolê Remix)
  22. CSS - Alala (Princess Superstar Remix)
  23. Bonde Do Rolê - Office Boy (Architecture In Helsinki Remix)
  24. Scottie B - Never Be Alone (Scottie B + Samir + King Tutt Rmx)
  25. Controller 7 - I'm Ready To Shake
  26. XXXChange & Amanda Blank - Get It Now
  27. Rihanna - Umbrella (Vandalism Remix)
  28. Drop the Lime - Hear Me (Curses! Remix)
  29. Math Head - Do Damage (Passions Remix)
  30. Proxy - Ready to Watching
  31. - - - PART THREE - - -
  32. Atki2 - Distillers Riddim
  33. Si Begg - Basik Rockin
  34. Coki - Spongebob
  35. Drop the Lime - Juggernut
  36. Mike Jones - Still Tippin' (Diplo Remix)
  37. UNKLE - Celestial Annihilation (DJ Assault Remix)
  38. Justice - Let There Be Light (DJ Funk Bounce Dat Ass Remix)
  39. Lil Jon & Three 6 Mafia - Act a Fool (Flosstradamus Remix)
  40. Kid Sister - Damn Girl (DJ Gant-Man's Juke Remix)
  41. Robyn - Konichiwa Bitches (Trentemøller Remix)
  42. DJ Assault - Do It Right (Dub)
  43. DJ Assault - Bangin' The Beat
  44. Bangers & Cash f. Santogold, Black Betty - B-O-O-T-A-Y
  45. Double Dutch - Tonight is Your Night
  46. Milanese vs. Virus Syndicate - Dead Man Walking
  47. Swiftee - Through My Eyes (Right Now)

The story

I wanted to keep blowing apart genre lines and make a super infectious dancefloor-ready statement. The mix is nearly two hours long, and was recorded in two different chunks and the refined and defined as this three part mix. Originally this was going to be a really broad showcase of the sound I want at my next club event but got sick of digging and just dropped what was hot at my fingertips.