Mark Fox is a DJ

Intense Times


When I was trolling the interent in search of some mixtapes for my own enrichment and enteratinment I stumbeled upon – what I am finding to be – the best mixtape site on the internets: The New Worck. The varietey and quality of the music is top notch, if you're at all intersted in music you should definitely poke around. Suffice to say I was super pleased to be able to contribute my own Intense Times mix to the bunch. Grab the mix exclusively from The New Worck.

cover art


  1. Björk – Nattura
  2. Mount Kimbie – Vertical
  3. Andrea – Temper Tantrum
  4. Yellow Power – Hai Samurai (Pilooski Edit)
  5. Ital Tek – Snowburst
  6. In Flagranti – Deceptive Secracy
  7. Lemon Jelly – '90 aka A Man Like Me
  8. Dabrye – Magic Says
  9. Slugabed – Let's Go Swimming
  10. Dabrye f. Jay Dee, Phat Kat – Game Over (Acapella)
  11. Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It's Hot (Instrumental)
  12. Fabio & Photek – No Joke
  13. Noisia – Block Control
  14. Rregula – Corner Hash Man
  15. Lil' Kim – Lighters Up (Roll Out Mix by TC)
  16. J.B. – Spanish Harlem
  17. Catacomb – Farewell
  18. Snoop Dogg – Drop It Like It's Hot (Acapella)
  19. Ewun – Screw Up
  20. Spor – Hydra
  21. JME – Pence
  22. Instra:mental – Futurist
  23. Atki2 – Guilty Pleasures
  24. Pangaea – Bear Witness
  25. Jamie Vex'd – In System Travel

The story

For this mix I wanted to showcase some deeper sounds under the 120bpm threshold and then move into more banging territory. I think there are quite a few gangsterish influences in the middle section, with the hip hop, and D&B refixes. Even though I like the attitude and delivery of gangster rap I am usually ambivalent to it's subject matter, as long as a mix isn't satured with it then I think you can read other things into the drug refernces and death threats – musically they are too intersting to ignore. The rest of the mix is just rich with fantastic beats, like the Instra:mental track that blends so well with 'Pence' – killer tribal drums.