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More Than Bass (Dubstep Is)


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Another vinyl only set hilighting the musical dimension that Dubstep & Grime have, outside of killer bass. Rolling tunes, hype bangers, melodic moments, dark moments, lot's of energy twisted just the way we like it.

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  1. Skream - Hedd Banger
  2. L.D. - Bees (L.D. Remix)
  3. Graphic f. Beans - I am Metal (Starkey Remix)
  4. Double S - From Day
  5. Unitz - Wait A Minute
  6. Double S - From Day (Cardopusher Remix)
  7. Akira Kiteshi - No Glitch (Part 2)
  8. Totally Normal - Grind Your Grime
  9. Joker - Digidesign
  10. Darkstar - Lilyliver (Starkey Remix)
  11. L.D. - Peace In Our Culture
  12. Starkey - No Struggle
  13. Toasty - The Knowledge (Vex'd Remix)
  14. Syntonics - Material (Bomaman Remix)
  15. D.O.K - Document
  16. Pacheko - Bi Polar Bear (Starkey Remix)
  17. TRG - Drum Tribe

The story

Dubstep is one of those genres that inspires a love it or hate it reaction and I'm often surprised how many people who I assume would be into it actually claim to hate it — These are good bass loving people! But I think in the hype that has surrounded the genre since it has oozed into the dance mainstream since 2007 (or whatever, it might be global but it's still quite marginal) it became quite apparent (as with D&B) that the most simplified, monotonous material is what get's championed and 'popularized.' This is true to an extent anyway, I'm still quite surprised because I think Dubstep is incredibly rich genre, and is crosspolinating with house, minimal, techono, and D&B. We support anything that causes producers and dancers to question strict genre boundaries! At any rate — ramble, ramble, ramble — this collection of Dubstep is decidedly not monotonous. For you're consideration we present…