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Leaving & Returning


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The opening tune 'Catalyst' reminds me of driving through a creepy night time desert. Following is 'Surreal Killer' which is like driving through a night time desert being chased by a phantasmogoric being. I really like the double drop of 'Precinct 13' and 'Got Me Burning'. The rest of it is upbeat soulful tunes until 'Brand New Funk' drops the dark hard edged funk.

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  1. Hive & Echo - Catalyst
  2. Hive - Surreal Killer
  3. 2 Cities - Concrete Vein
  4. Accidental Heroes - Precinct 13
  5. Peshay - Got Me Burning
  6. High Contrast - Music is Everything (Danny Byrd Remix)
  7. AK1200 - Deja Nu (Mathematics Episode)
  8. 4 Hero - 9x9 (Marcus Intalex & ST Files Vocal)
  9. Blue Sonix - This Feeling (High Contrast Remix)
  10. Adam F - Brand New Funk

The story

Recorded on summer break circa 2002. Sine I was only living at my parents house for a few months I had minimal setup: my Numark mixer, two American DJ cd players, some cheap AM/FM/CD/Tape thing and a tape deck.

One thing I love lovel love about this mix is the mix-out of 'This Feeling–' you can hear the simulated record kill* as created by my CD player. It's such artificial and precise sound (totally lacks the organic quality of analog) it creates this very signature sound: it's totally fake and great!

* Turntables slow before stopping completely, giving a slight decrescendo effect that DJ's occasionally use but tend to avoid because it destroys 'the magic' of seamless mixing. I love it.