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This mix takes back to the undergrad days. It's an early set from my old internet broadcast: Live in 306 (later 'Live in [x]'). Spinning music in the dark little sound studio, playing for hardly any one: it was all very self-centered and cathartic. The track selection reflects a somewhat matured escapist-rave mentality (i.e. no 'hoovers' or sirens). The mixing is a little choppy and impulsive but I like the contrast with the smooth rolling tunes.

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  1. High Contrast - Return of Forever
  2. Spirit - Spellbound
  3. D. Kay & Epsilon - Barcelona (High Contrast Remix f. Cleveland Watkiss)
  4. The Streets - It's Too Late (High Contrast Remix)
  5. Fresh - All Strung Out
  6. J Majik - 24 Hours f. Kathy Brown
  7. Klute - Now Always Forever (Calibre Remix)
  8. Omni Trio - Nu Birth
  9. Future Sound of London - Papua New Guinea (High Contrast Remix)
  10. Dillinja - Hands in the Air
  11. Klute - Kickin' Tha Habit
  12. M.I.S.T. & High Contrast - 3 a.m.
  13. Adam F & Carl Thomas - Karma (High Contrast Remix)

The story

After I hread Kosheen's covermount CD for Mixmag I got intersted in Drum & Bass again. Specifically the High Contrast tune, and his debut completely changed the D&B game for the better. I started collecting these progressive sounds and they became a cetnerpiece of my DJing, especially while I was doing Live in 306.

The show was almost as much work as the school work I was avoiding while doing the show (try saying that five times fast), but it was a great form of stress relief. This is dedicated to all of my friends who supported the show and Radio MCAD back in the day.

The name is clearly just copped from the intro, where my junglist buddy John was on the mic. The funny thing is I don't even know if you can call this mixtape smooth or intelligent but the name somehow makes sense. Also it cracks me up that John refers to me with my old DJ pseudonym 'Professor Rockwell'.