Mark Fox is a DJ



The first twenty minutes is some gorgeous deep house. Then things get progressively more assertive: acidy tech, funky electro, pounding techno and one of the nastier miami bass songs I can tolerate. Rising waves of rhythm for the desk or dancefloor. The enhanced aac is recommended for the full experience (shouts to Rick for photos).

cover art


  1. Jackmate - The Child
  2. Spirit Catcher - Sweet Deal
  3. Physics f. Lou Lou - City Lights (Nightvision Remix)
  4. Duplex - Late Night Cycling
  5. Unai - Heart is to the Left
  6. Harald Björk - Brus
  7. K-rad - Hey-bud
  8. T. Raumschmiere - Querstromzerspaner
  9. Housemeister - Brülltiger!
  10. 1UP - Yeahdancetomyrecordbitch
  11. >>> Atomic Robo Kid - Googlex
  12. Bobby Peru - Erotic Discourse (Live Style Re-Version)
  13. >>> Ellen Allien - Kuss
  14. Tiga - Burning Down
  15. Johannes Heil - Brotherhood of Snakes
  16. Backdraft - Jungle Cry
  17. Luke Slater - Stomp
  18. Poison Clan - Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya
  19. Feadz - B!%*$ Run That
  20. >>> Frankie Bones - Untitled B2 (Ghetto Technics 13)
  21. Ellen Allien - Kuss
  22. Swayzak vs. Roger 23 - Toir
  23. Trentemøller - Moan (Trentemøller Remix)

The story

This mix began as a test of my recently purchased Traktor Scratch system. Probably should have paid a little more attention to the system requirements, because my computer is just shy of their recommended specs. The recording has some glitches as a result. Ah well, Final Scratch still works like a charm, so until I can afford the upgrade to a MacBook Pro, TS will be shelved.

Partially because of this lag many of the tunes are vinyl, with about one third being recently purchased mp3s. Yep, legit, that's how I roll.