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Electro Polar II


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Of the Electro Polar pair this is the black sheep of the duo. It's basically a good kid but it's got a mix that rubs you the wrong way at first (compare with I). In retrospect I'd say that this mix wasn't ready for primetime but I uploaded so what the hell.

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  1. Nathan Fake - Long Sunny (Fairmont Remix)
  2. Harald Björk - Brus
  3. Cassy & Dave The Hustler - Her Dream (Patrick Pulsinger Remix)
  4. Housemeister - United States Calling…
  5. Mr. Velcro Fastener - Phlegmatic
  6. Harald Björk - Luftlust
  7. Smash TV - What About Me
  8. Phil Kieran - Red Controller
  9. ADNY - Realm of Spirits
  10. Mysterymen - Waiting
  11. >>> Jaydee - Plastic Dreams (Angel's Dream Dub)

The story

It's very common that I will associate one, maybe two, songs with a certain disc (a downside of vinyl with more than one song per side), so I forget about certain songs which happen to very good. My solution in combating this is to go back and label all my stuff helping in retention and recollection of all this information. During these labeling sessions I end up impuslively throwing together a mix just to 'test drive' some of the recently rediscovered finds.

You'll notice a connecting thread between the Part I and II in my steadfast resolve to play Harald Björk's 'Brus' with it's funky anti-house opening that is soooo hard to mix. Consequently it creates this complicated almost sloppy rhythm. I go back and forth about it because it's easy to get to overly fixated on 'perfect' beatmatching instead of just hearing the quality of sounds, not getting so mathematically precise.