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Night Life


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One of my most experimental and adventurous selections of music. A lot of dense claustrophobic parts and deep dark melodies. The reprieves are bittersweet and the overall tone is murky and bleak. 'Bazfoul' is a clanky industrial break, leading to a beatless string number from Aphex, followed by the two-part shoegazer 'Honey Power' which starts rocking and ends crawling, proceeded by a dubbed big beat from Lunatic Calm, and it's not until the second Aphex Track that there is a beat matched mix. All the songs were selected for their quality, and are mixed in a completely improvised manner.

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  1. Cylob - Bazfoul
  2. Aphex Twin - Next Heap With
  3. My Bloody Valentine - Honey Power
  4. Lunatic Calm - Long Shadows
  5. Aphex Twin - Ventolin (Video Version)
  6. Goldie - Mother VIP (Vocal Mix)
  7. Decoder - Fog
  8. Koji Asano - Drip
  9. Jeff Buckley & Gary Lucas - Satisfied Mind
  10. DJ? Acucrack - Bitch Universal
  11. Nine Inch Nails - Perfect Drug (Nine Inch Nails version)
  12. Moby - You
  13. Sqaurepusher - Port Rhombus
  14. Andrea Parker - Melodius Thunk
  15. Dub Pistols - Towerblock Trash
  16. Lambchop - The Old Matchbook Trick
  17. DJ Vadim - Lord Forgive Me (Bug Doomsday Line mix)
  18. My Bloody Valentine - Don't Ask Why
  19. Faithless - Postcards
  20. Moby - A Season in Hell

The story

I was going for sophisticated moody mix, emphasis on the listening experience and quality of the individual songs. Most of these tunes are off full length albums, not singles, which when you're recording in one-shot w/o much planning, selection (since each album has so many tracks) is more about about serdenptiy than intention.

Another tape rip, which gives it a nice subtle analog warmth, the occasional drop out, and slightly lo-fi texture. Mixed in headphones completely.