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Fuck It, Maybe We'll Stay


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This Drum & Bass mix opens with a killer tunes that starts out piece of breakage, then it switches up in the middle and get's all tech. I've always loved tunes that effotlessly flip the script. Each song adds a unique dimension. Some breakage, hard tech, deep, soulful progressive, street bass and a punk rock song released on Offshore? Gotta love that!

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  1. Seba - Your Deepest Love
  2. Echo & Gridlok - Structure
  3. D.Kay - Planet Music
  4. Mr. L - Moon Walking
  5. A-Sides - Badlands
  6. Natural - Reaching Out (Phobia Remix)
  7. Marky & XRS - Breeze f. Cleveland Watkiss
  8. >>> Actual Proof - Maybe We'll Stay
  9. Anorganik - Endlessly (D.Kay Remix)
  10. Concord Dawn - Man for all Seasons (Chris.Su & SKC Remix)
  11. Gridlok - Fifth Dimension
  12. Calyx - Chasing Shadows
  13. Trust - P.H.I.L.L.Y. (VIP f. Mental Sharp)

The story

It was a summertime thing. I was feeling antsy to move to a bigger city. Somehow this is about resoliving to chill out and apprecaite what is going on in Minneapolis.