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Electro Polar I


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The precursor to II. The name is riffing on 'bi-polar' and is simply an indication of the contrast in selection. On the one hand you have smooth smooth meldoies set against abrasive beats; then the emotive introspective songs set against the clubby booty songs. Contrast is a very useful tool.

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  1. Cassy & Dave The Hustler - Her Dream
  2. Harald Björk - Brus
  3. Housemeister - Brülltiger!
  4. Khan - Middle Eastern Cruising (Middle Eastern Cooking) f. Julee Cruise
  5. Air - Don't Be Light (Mr. Oizo Remix)
  6. Nathan Fake - Long Sunny (Vincent Oliver Remix)
  7. Fourtet - No More Mosquitoes (Boom Bip Mix)
  8. Dntel - This Is How It Will All Be Over
  9. DJ Surgeon - 6 In Tha Mornin'
  10. X-ile - Private Dancer
  11. Mr. Velcro Fastener - Phlegmatic
  12. Sunshower - Melody
  13. Stereolab - Allures
  14. Kings Of Convenience - Winning A Battle, Losing The War (Andy Votel Remix)
  15. DJ Magic Mike - Give It All You Got
  16. Scarletron - Decalcomania
  17. Luke Slater - Stars And Heroes (Felix Da Housecat - Thee Glitz Mix)
  18. The Go! Team - Junior Kickstart

The story

Over the years I've noticed my buying patterns tend to gravitate towards the golden dance rhythm of 130ish bpms (where house and electro usually are) or 170 (D&B). Of course I'm not content playing what is available at that tempo but it takes a little effort to break the habit of playing in familiar territory, so in the middle of this mix I push it to 140 and discover three distint categories of tunes: 1. indie-rock-electronica (or 'indietronic' as I like to call it) 2. miami bass style cuts 3. hard techno and electro (like hard hard). Naturaully I had to mix them together to see what could happen.