Mark Fox is a DJ

Loop Infinite


Aggressively varied in different Drum & Bass sub-genres, w/o calling attention to it. Plenty of melody and drama balanced against some great straightforward bangers. B-side jems and fogotten songs flow seamlessly with recent 'big-tunes'. Strongly tech oriented, but not in the obvious way.

cover art


  1. Stratus - Follow the Leader
  2. Special A - Road Kill
  3. Zinc - Palma
  4. Exile - King Shredda
  5. ASC - Fresh f. Intex Systems
  6. Calyx - Dead Ringer f. Gridlok
  7. D.Kay - Casali
  8. Shaolin Fox - Highway 2 Sizzla
  9. Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - Move Something (JL Mix)
  10. Echo - Plazma
  11. DJ Hype, J Majik, Wickaman - Look To The Future f. Daddy Earl (T.C. Remix)
  12. Shapeshifter NZ - Bring Change
  13. Telemulent - Chatterbox
  14. >>> Distorted Minds - The Waiting Room f. Yolanda & MC Jakes
  15. DJ Buz - Warrior Charge
  16. Stratus - You Must Follow
  17. >>> D.kay & Mat - Uncovered Funk

The story

After I got back from visting people out East I had a stack of 12s from Breakbeat Science under my arm and some new ideas. A few months later I finally had a non-broke ass mixer (DJM-800) in the studio and laid down this set.

I don't know if there is such a thing as armchair D&B these days. In the '96 pre-2step-techocracy days, there were tons of tunes that you could dance and relax too. Now most the stuff is mixed purely for keen anticipation (of course there are excceptions), but still, I think mixtapes should aim to be more than just club tunes comptently sequenced and segued. I tried to pull from the rich variety of Drum & Bass and smashed it out as smooth as possible. It's dancey, but also intersting to listen to.

My starting idea was to make a mix that would loop back on itself. Infinitely, as it were. You'll notice that the first and last song are the same. The first song begins in the middle of the breakdown, and the mix ends, well, where it begins. Loop!