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It should probably go without saying that I like mixing things up, and this proves it perfectly. Every track on here is pretty great, and it suprises me how well they work together. You could attribute that to my DJ skills, but I tend to think this paticular mix was dumb luck. Two Jacques Lu Cont remixes, both sides from Paul Kalkbrenner's fifth single on BPitch, a great reissure find from Egyptian Lover and other fantastic electro, house, hip hop, and techno.

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  1. Vector Lovers - Yamanote Sundown
  2. >>> Paul Kalkbrenner - Press On
  3. Mirwais - Miss You f. Craig Wedren (Les Rhythmes Digitales' The Thin White Duke Mix)
  4. 1 UP - Yeahdancetomyrecordbitch (Kiki & Silversurfer Mix)
  5. >>> Ellen Allien - Schnitt
  6. Ellen Allien - Trashscapes (Raz Ohara remix)
  7. Scarletron - Decalcomania
  8. The Killers - Mr. Brightside (Jacques Lu Cont's Thin White Duke dub)
  9. Sylvie Marks & Hal 9000 - Krazeee
  10. Diplo - Buy it Use it
  11. Egyptian Lover - I Pyramix pt. 1
  12. Paul Kalkbrenner - John 3-21
  13. >>> Franz Ferdinand - This Fire (Playgroup Remix)

The story

My friend Pete (like minded DJ/designer) wanted to collaborate on a mix. I liked the idea and made this first half to get the ball rolling. Unfortunately he got too busy to mix a response (I think he moved for the 90th time in a year or something) so I just released my half as it's own thing. The name is a holdover from it's initial conception: he lived in Philadelphia and I lived in Minneapolis.

Another noteworthy item about this mix: it was the first thing I recorded on my DJM-800, which makes it extra exciting. Settling on the DJM800 was bloody frustrating because my mxer previous was a cheap Numark; one that became more and more disabled as my desire to mix increased. It was great for it's pricepoint but not a sustainable piece of kit. Since I wanted something more long term and durable I was looking at an investment, and when it comes to big purchases, I research like it's a PhD. Luckily my local shop, Vital Vinyl, was cool enough to rent me mixers till I found 'the one'. Initially I was going to go for the Xone:32, but I thought I'd try the DNX1500S, but to my surprise I was right at home with the DJM-800.